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Tablets will change how businesses sell

Opportunity Knocks

With a tablet, a sales guy can walk into a new prospect business with a tablet and: show a presentation, have a client interact with product features, show product images and price sheets email them on the spot.

If the sales system is set up for mobility a sales person could calculate costs, make estimates and have clients sign contracts for orders right in that office.

If I’m a company with a sales force, I’m thinking “Gold Mine.”

Tablets will change how companies do sales, no question.

We’ve been in a paper based sales system since…well since Egyptians tracked bought and sold inventory on it. We’ve seen a move towards paperless, but the technology that made it possible was still clunky and impractical for mobile sales. I mean what business owner wants to wait for a sales guy’s laptop to boot up just to see some product shots or a video? No, it was better to send him a link online that he could view later.

Now a sales person doesn’t have to miss the opportunity to watch it with him. It’s all readily available without all waiting and you can interact with it!

Hands-on swiping through interactive catalogs, image libraries and videos make products are making it more engaging and when planned properly it’s a dead ringer for a sales team.

Why aren’t we seeing them being used more?

Sure there are some companies and industries who’ve seen the potential and are using tablets for business. But with the forecast of 1/3 people having tablets by 2015 I find it interesting that I’m not seeing more examples of companies getting a jump on this for a head start on the competition.

Looking for examples

It isn’t just about a cool design or the newest tablet you are using. It’s how the tablet is used to support the sales activities and process that sets a company apart.

I’d like to go with some examples of what’s being done on the sales front with tablets in businesses.

I welcome any stories of businesses who are using tablets for sales well. Do you have any?


Up Coming Presentation: Your sales materials on a tablet

COMe learn how you can use your company materials on tablets to increase your sales.

TIME: 3:45 pm
EVENT: BNI Showcase
LOCATION: Glen Abbey Golf Club,
Dorval Dr. North of the QEW in Oakville

This Christmas it seemed that every other commercial showcased a tablet in some way. Tablets are now reaching the tipping point – they are highly visible and advertised as attainable for the average household.

But what are businesses doing with tablets?

I attended the Adobe Max conference in October to learn just that and while it was clear that not many companies have adopted it to its full potential yet, the number is quickly growing – specifically in companies looking to differentiate themselves and their company from the competition.

Come hear me speak about the emerging trend of digital publication for portfolios, catalogs, white papers, advertising and event materials.

Click and change pictures, embedded videos and audio clips, 360 degree product rotations and more are now available to companies looking to move their sales ahead of their competitors with this new and affordable media.

I’ll be showing samples and current projects we are currently working on to apply this new technology to engage your audience and support business sales efforts using tablets.

Stop by my booth and my presentation at 3:45 to learn more.

Outsourcing Your Design Headache

“I hate doing flyers. I’d like to have an idea for a product flyer and a few days later have a sample for me to approve.
That would be great…Is that possible?”

Yes it is.
For many companies the answer is outsourcing.

I got into this business because I love what I do. Many entrepreneurs do the same, the trouble is we can’t be good at everything and the things we aren’t strong at drain our time and energy.

Creatives like me hire book-keepers because they can do the books three times faster, it’s right the first time and we are free to work on billable work. Outsourcing work to a graphic designer is no different.

You know your business

You know your market and likely have a sales manager or business development person who comes up with great ideas to go after those sales. The gap in growing sales with materials is often design.

Here’s some benefits of outsourcing design:

1. Saving time and money

A good designer creates templates that are used and evolve as your business grows. Templates allow for consistency and quality while keeping your costs predicable and manageable. Turn arounds are faster and with a schedule done in advance, approval schedules are more predicable. All of this without the commitment of hiring a full time designer.

2. Building your brand

With time and repetition your audience gets to know you and your look. They spend less time trying to figure out who is sending them information and more time paying attention to the product sale you want to tell them about. With each new edition they recognize you more. Quality and consistency builds trust and loyalty, a foundation to growing a business and sales.

3. Expand sales initiative

You and your team have the ideas, a graphic designer creates the materials to support it and get it done. Your team works on developing outlines for things like product sheets and catalogs while the design work is done. Your staff now have the time to get the sales you’ve hired them to get.

Outsourcing Communications

There’s so much more to business communications: Marketing, web site design, writing, media relations and photography are just a few categories. There is an abundance of independents out there hungry for your business and wanting to help companies grow.

If you are considering hiring a communications professional I highly recommend checking out the Halton Peel Communications Association, I’m privileged to regularly meet with this group of professionals. Check out the membership directory or post your request.

Of course, should you ever need a consultation for graphic design work, I’d be happy to talk to you 🙂