Kids Playing IPhone App Games Understand Basic Branding

The idea came to me while playing “We Rule” (an unfortunately addictive free platform game on my IPhone.)

First a short description of the game  before I circle back to the crux of the message (and no I’m not getting payed for this 🙂  ) We Rule is very similar to the Facebook game Farmville. In this game you are given a plot of land with a basic fort and the ability to buy farm patches to harvest. You sell the crops to earn money, then buy different businesses and more land to grow your kingdom. The social aspect of the game allows you to add friends and then begin placing orders and taking orders from them and their businesses.  Very entrepreneurial, so it isn’t hard to guess how I got hooked.

Account Icons = Brand

So how does that tie into branding? Well, you have an icon on your account that appears next to your kingdom and also in every kingdom where you place an order. If you don’t upload your own, a generic one that thousands of players are using is shown instead. The branding reference occurred to me while explaining to a friend that she should upload a custom icon instead of using the generic ones provided: I realized I do more business with people I know (and it doesn’t matter if they are kids,) seeing their face or icon over and over again builds loyalty. Each time I see their icon pop up on a delivered order I feel the need to go to their kingdom and reciprocate with an order of my own. It’s genius in its simplicity really.

Business Tie-in

Branding for business is really no different. You want the same image projected everywhere you go and left behind everywhere you’ve been. With repetition companies, suppliers and clients should see you as a reliable person who comes through based on your actions; and seeing your face or icon over and over again really helps with the retention. It keeps you at the front of the list when they need to place that next order.

Staying Top of Mind

The big question is, if you aren’t consistent in how you appear and your icon or image keeps changing, how do you prevent yourself from falling off someones radar by accident? We are all busy people these things happen, so make it easy on everyone in your network by being consistent in your brand applications to avoid this. Keep your icon down to 1 version, photos and images consistent, stick with a limited and repeated colour scheme. That combined with a professional approach that inspires trust, you are sure to make a lasting impression that keeps you top of mind.


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