Colours, colours, colours…Who cares? Every Business should!

Company Colours. It is an under-utilized tool in day-to-day business communication. There are so many applications for them yet many people never consider their full potential.

Background or graphic object colours for presentations, graphs and charts in excel, even highlighting text in emails and word documents; these are all ways a business can use their colours to further their brand and create consistently. It’s a small thing that makes a very big difference.

Part of any good company logo and/or Identity system is providing colour formulas, both print and web. Many company’s make their colour formulas available to staff, but for those who don’t have these it’s a missed opportunity.

Establishing your colours and having the formulas (CMYK and RGB) to enter into simple office applications is a great way to further your brand in a simple and cost effective way. Here are some sample applications:

  1. Words
    Whether in a document or an email, highlight important words, messages, or links with your company colours to give impact. With repetition your material will become easily recognizable.
  2. Graphs
    If you need to insert a graph into a presentation or company report, take the time to manually choose the colours to customize this graphic to reflect the company.  On it’s own it doesn’t seem like such, but when inserted into another document with the same colours this looks sharp.
  3. Graphics/Diagrams
    As a rule I avoid clip art at all costs, but if you are creating your own simple shapes, arrows, or more complex diagrams to illustrate a model incorporate the colours into the design for a seamless professional look.
  4. Pictures
    When picking images to use in a presentation or other company communication (like a blog or newsletter) try to choose images that echo or have a predominant company colour. Ex: Your colour is blue, try picking a picture where that main person in the photo is wearing blue.
  5. Presentations
    If you are going to have a bar above or below each slide, make it a company colour. The same rule applies for frames around images, titles and rule lines for emphasis.  Using the 4 points above in conjunction with these key points will give any presentation a visual wow factor.

Have you been applying your colours for your business or brand? I’d like to know.

If you have some more ideas to add to the list please don’t hold them like a miser, share and share alike!


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