Making your door stand out. 5 Tips.

If I need to find a company that offers a “Y” service and I stand in front of a long virtual building lined with “Y” office doors, which do I enter? On the surface, many look the same. What makes one door different from the rest?

When a potential client is looking for a business to suit their needs, the aim is to get them to first stop at your door and look in your window. Ultimately though, you’d want them to eventually look at that building and think “Hey, I haven’t stopped by “Y” this week, I wonder what they have new”… essentially by-passing all the other doors.

Here are a few tips to get them knocking on your door:

  1. Don’t try to appeal to the masses. Who specifically do you want? Go after them. Make all decisions, design and otherwise with them in mind. It’s not about what colour you like, what look and style you like, or even what you want to hear – it’s always about them.
    If you are selling purple polka-dot dresses for little green ladies, don’t display striped ties in your window for their husbands. (don’t ask me where that came from, it just came to me) Normally, in this section I tell clients to look professional, but that may not be what your target is looking for…your target will dictate what your message is and what your presentation needs to be.
  2. Make sure you are consistent. In everything. Your message, target audience, design execution, even delivery of marketing materials. If you are using social media – keep our presence up, if you send out direct mailers – send them at regular intervals. Design is crucial to being consistent, if you don’t have the budget to hire someone there are a number of good resources online.
    The point is, people need to see you. By being consistent you build recognition, and when you have a special event sending out something out of the order has greater impact and gets a stronger response.
  3. Encourage them to brows around and make them want to come back. When you want people to routinely visit, you need to give them a reason. Offer value, something they can use. Consider: What is your true value to your clients? Build on that.
    I used to be a teacher. I have clients who need to save money by doing steps on their own. I began to provide advice and tips online for those who wanted to know how to plan a project, organize identity files, or most recently how to expand your brand to social media. You have something that makes you different from the other door, explore it and use it.
  4. Listen. What do they say when looking in your window? What do they like about your product? What do they think needs improvement and better yet do they have ideas on how to do it? Staying connected and listening to what your audience is saying will keep you fresh and innovative in meeting their needs.
  5. Anticipate. One of my favorite quotes by Steve Jobs (Apple) is “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” It’s not enough to react, get to know your audience. Listen to their pain, their needs. It need not be ground breaking technology. Is there something you can offer that isn’t out there?

Do you have tips of your own? How do you get people to your door?


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