Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 27. Reviewing what I’ve missed.

Day 27/30 of Experiment:  views 21
Main Referring Sites: 1 StumbleUpon, 10, 1 Twitter serch, 1 email blog reader.

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 7: Commented on blogs posted links to posts on Twitter
  2. Worked on my goals and assessing my progress.

Thoughts out Loud

I have 3 days left of blogging every night. Not that I’m not enjoying being completely absorbed into this and finally dedicating a good chunk of time to growing my business, but a girl has to have some sort of night life!

Tonight I sat down and reviewed the tips list. In 27 days, I’ve done all but 2.

Tip 4: Giveaways and Competitions. The month flew by and this tip flew away with it. I have a strong idea for it, I need to flesh it out and roll out the invitations. I’m planning this tip for the start of November.

Tip 10: I haven’t arranged for other bloggers to write as guests. (I have a list of people I know would be really great contributors, I just haven’t actually found the guts to ask them.)

Other Tips to Work On

Tip 3: Submitting articles. I have submitted to a few of them including facebook, LinkedIn, and DIGG. But I haven’t had the time to navigate others such as Noupe, Reddit, or There’s a long list of them and the task seems daunting. I’m taking it one site at a time and adding ones I find relevant to my list.

Tip 6: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This one has me wondering. I am currently on, but I know that using wordpress from .org uploaded to my site would give me greater control and seo capabilities. The problem is I’ve invested a strong month to gaining momentum to my traffic only to consider moving it. Frankly that’s just not an attractive option at the moment. Since not knowing this in the first place has caused this problem, my goal is to talk to the SEO people I know, get the best advice available, and make an educated decision about my next step.

Good Finds Today

Chris Pirillo: The guy is a total geek and proud of it. He’s off beat funny and totally candid about everything social media, business, and geeky. His live stream is a trip. A good article he had today was actually a Comcast presentation about using twitter for business where they featured one of his UTube streams. It’s priceless.

Here’s the Blog Post: Frank Eliason – A Twitter Top Ten List (with Humor!)

For people just starting on Twitter: Twitter 101 for beginners


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