Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 26. Doing the basics when time is short.

Day 26/30 of Experiment:  views 57
Main Referring Sites: 9 StumbleUpon, 23, 3 from blogs I’ve commented on.

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 7: Commented on blogs posted links to posts on Twitter
  2. Tip 1 & 2: Taught a social media introduction workshop followed by face-to-face networking

Thoughts out Loud

Today was a day completely booked with work and networking. I had little time off hours since I was at an event until well after 9 p.m. so tonight’s post is a brief one.

Looking at the stats today, I saw that at least 3 originating links came from other blogs I’ve commented on. I have been doing this tip on a small scale, and seeing this becoming consistent, I need to make the time to do more commenting.

The traffic from StumbleUpon dropped off significantly today, I can only guess that the link has moved down further on the list as the time passed today. With work, I didn’t have the time to look into the campaign information or find a way to insert their link button, but it’s now on my list of goals.

Tonight’s I spoke at the PowerNet Executive networking group for people in career transitions. In an economy like ours this has become so common, and when a friend asked me to speak I was happy for the opportunity to help while working on my presentation skills. A win-win. Being a freelancer, I haven’t had the opportunity to network with the executive community. I appreciated their kind words, warm welcome and enjoyed the event a great deal. The evening gave me the opportunity to share what I’ve been doing, offer the resources I have while expanding my current network. I made a good number of contacts and I hope to connect them in turn to people I know. All-in-all a very positive night.


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