Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 25. Okay, There’s the Value of StumbleUpon!

Day 25/30 of Experiment:  views 258
Main Referring Sites: 201 StumbleUpon (Endorsed link), 13 StumbleUpon (LinkedIn), 9, 1 Facebook, 1, 1 Twitter

Today’s Activities:

  1. Bought an IPhone, installed wordpress, tweetdeck, Flikr, and facebook.
  2. Replied to comments posted in discussions and on blog

Thoughts out Loud

So I logged in to my dashboard (stats board) tonight after a full day of face-to-face networking and did a double take. I actually went back and checked that I was on the right blog thinking perhaps I was viewing another blog’s numbers. Today’s numbers nearly doubled my highest traffic day so far, here’s what happened.

My stats board gives me a quick outline of where my traffic came from, what pages and posts they visited, and even what links they clicked on from my posts. Today’s big winner was “Day 23, RSS Readers Rock!“. I followed the biggest originating link and found the following message:

Your page is on StumbleUpon

One of our members added your page to the Unknown topic on StumbleUpon. Each time our members who are interested in Unknown “stumble upon” your page using our toolbar, it will record an entry on your referral logs.

Well how cool is that! Who ever you are, many many thanks. Since this is my first endorsement, I really haven’t been able to really see first hand the benefit and power of StumbleUpon until now.

Now that I’ve been endorsed, StumbleUpon has provided me with tips to promote my site and given me information on ad opportunities to create a campaign. They have also provided me with the coding to insert into my blog for a StumbleUpon button to make it easy for visitors to submit my content. It’s like being let into the club, very cool. Following up with all of that is now on the to do list this week.

A side note: viewers clicked on 10 outside links a number of times today, which means that the many blogs I endorsed in that post were actually visited. That bit of giving definitely made me feel good knowing I was contributing in some way to the community.

The other bit of news and progress today was my IPhone purchase, finally. It didn’t go as smoothly as I envisioned. I think I had envisioned the sound of angels singing as a light beamed down from heaven as I plugged it in to my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, all I heard was the chimes of multiple pop up messages telling me I needed to update my software to make it sync.

Luckily I have wireless at home so I connected to apps through that while my computer updated 3 times, yes I kid you not- 3 times. Apparently I’ve neglected that little bit of maintenance. Guess you can’t get off scott free forever!


One response to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 25. Okay, There’s the Value of StumbleUpon!

  1. It was me StumbledUpon that site actually. Your welcome.

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