Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 24. Reading blogs, blogs, and more blogs.

Day 24/30 of Experiment:  views 54
Main Referring Sites: 28 StumbleUpon (linkedIn group posts), 1, 1 Facebook, 1, 1 Twitter

Today’s Activities:

  1. Work work, networking, work. Reading Blogs, messages, and reading even more blogs.

Thoughts out Loud

A freelancer’s day is never really done. I wish I could report lots of activity today, but I simply didn’t have the time. Last night I’d posted a number of discussions in LinkedIn asking people what Blogs they follow. My inbox was flooded with over 50 messages within a matter of a few hours. I surfed the links, responded to the messages, and added a good number of the recommended blogs. Once I get through them all, I will assemble the highlights in a blog to follow next week. It will be a great “Link Love” article hopefully giving some people some more exposure.

It’s late, I must sleep. T’ill tomorrow.


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