Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 21. My Top 12 Social Media/Branding Finds This Week.

Day 21/30 of Experiment:  views 13
Main Referring Sites: 3 StumbleUpon, 1 LinkedIn,

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 9: Signed into the Schembri Group blog account and began my article draft as a guest blogger. My goal is to have that written for sunday night.
  2. Tip 2: Twitter love. Thanked for ReTweets, sent out my top articles picks for the week.
  3. Tip 5: Link Love. See below for this week’s top finds.

Thoughts out Loud

I was really glad I had researched and began using for automated tasks today. It was supposed to be a fairly laid back day, starting with friendly networking breakfast and followed by a simple consultation. 5 1/2 hours later I walked out of a very productive meeting with a good deal accomplished but very little time to do the things I had planned.

It happens all the time in business, and normally this would have put a serious dent in my social networking contributions. But not today. Granted I didn’t complete the blog I’d intended, but I was able to contribute links to Twitter throughout the day, and gained a number of “design and marketing” followers. Which was in the end one of my goals for today.

I have just over 1 week left. My goals for the next week is to write my guest blog, find 3 contributors for mine, establish a set weekly process, and work on submitting more articles.

Some of my favorite Blog finds this week:

  1. Blogging is a dialect: Do you speak it?
  2. Got a Facebook Page? Post on Tuesdays
  3. Do Long Blog Posts Scare Away Readers?
  4. 5 ways to beat the Attention Shortage
  5. 17 Internet marketing disasters and how to prepare for them.
  6. 5 Recent Rebrands the Caused the Most Upset
  7. Top Two Branding Blunders
  8. Incinerate your Social Media Checklist
  9. Stats show Social Media is Bigger than You think:
  10. Advertising = Firework, Social = Bonfire:

Other People’s Great Finds

  1. Tweeted by Brian Hoff (@behoff ) : Top 50 Web Design Education Blogs
  2. Tweeted by Jason Walz (@jasonwalz ): 20 Most Beautiful Corporate Website Designs Powered by WordPress

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  1. very nice article,very helpful

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