Blogs Designed by Bloggers Themselves. 5 Totally Different Approaches.

You never know what you are going to get.

Whether beginners or a pros, bloggers everywhere are finding ways to customize their spaces to reflect their ideas, work, interests, and causes.  Today’s blog is dedicated to those who were kind enough to send in their blog screen shots along with a little description of what customizations they made to suit their needs. Happy viewing.

Consistency is Key

Name: Anthony DeCarolis
Freelance Print and Web Designer
Web Site:

I created the wordpress theme to match that of my main website. I added a similar background, placed the content inside the white div and added the two title images. In addition I added the sidebar on the right in order to list categories and a search bar.


Interactive Navigation Gives Deeper Insight

Name: Stephen Lubbock
Blog: Blue23 – Graphic Design portfolio and personal blog.

I designed this blog to showcase my own style. I wanted to keep things modern and clean, I introduced the ‘Mirror wall’ navigation at the top in flash as I felt it gave a playful feel to the layout. My intention is to make information available on the blog for anyone that wants to delve into my life, if someone is feeling particularly exploratory they can dig deeper by using the navigation.


The Book Cover Graphic Designer’s Solution

Name: Dave Aldrich

I set up my WordPress blog as an accompaniment to my website. I’m a graphic designer focusing on book design. I’m not sure how unique my blog is but I created my own header, using some of the covers I’ve done, and came up with the blog’s title, “Covered by Dave.” Other elements in the header tie in with my website and business card. I was on Twitter for a short while and had created a header/background similar to the blog’s. I understand the need to keep ones brand identity consistent. I got off of Twitter because of the time factor.

Visually I know there are other bells and whistles that I could add to customize my blog but I haven’t figured them out! But my desire is to use it as a tie to my website, a platform to share thoughts on book design and other information, and a place to showcase some of my work and the work of the authors and publishers I have the opportunity to work with. Also a place where there might be some dialogue with others.

I like WordPress for its ability to customize. I have links to my Facebook page as well as my Flickr page, with the purpose of tying all together to give visitors/potential clients the opportunity to get to know me better, too see the extensions of my creativity.

My biggest problem is the time in keeping the thing updated! Sometimes you have to choose the paying work to do over blogging!
Thanks much.


The Fun and Funny Flower Hobbyist (gotta love the menopausal cat!)

Name: G. Preston

I am submitting my blog, The Bloomin’ Blog. It is a blog about my hobby, gardening. I wanted a unique looking blog, so using Photoshop, I made a banner out of a photo I had of flowers, then set the type for “The Bloomin’ Blog”. Then I went into the layout and changed the link colours to the existing template, to make it my own.
Hope you like it, and thanks for the “link love”.


A Design House’s Western Feel

Name: Nik Boylan, Stagecoach Designs

The Stagecoach Designs blog (and whole site for that matter) is WordPress powered. Outside of using a 100% custom built theme, we run the following plugins:

All In One SEO Pack
Clean Notifications
Contact Form 7
Exclude Pages from Navigation
Google XML Sitemap
NextGEN Gallery
Stealth Publish
WP Super Cache
The blog and site use numerous custom fields to produce the sidebars and promotional navigation (slider, promos, social media links). If you are interested in using WP as a CMS, check out this link:
Nik Boylan


This call for submissions was made August 25, 2009.

The Call remains open, if you’d like to submit your blog please follow the following link for submission details: Did You Design Your Blog Yourself? SUBMIT IT for a Link Love Article!


3 responses to “Blogs Designed by Bloggers Themselves. 5 Totally Different Approaches.

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  2. Just wanted to say thanks for including me in your “Link Love” article. I wasn’t sure you would include my blog as it is not specifically a “designer’s” site, so I really appreciate it — although, I do work in graphic design/marketing communications by day.

  3. You are welcome. I really liked the personality you infused it with, it pulled me in and made it a fun interesting read. Thanks for submitting it 🙂

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