Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 19. 4 Items down.

Day 19/30 of Experiment:  views 21
Main Referring Sites: 14 StumbleUpon (LinkedIn post), 1 wordpress, 1 twitter, 1 imjustcreative

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Social stuff:
    a) Facebook, created privacy settings to account for new business contacts being added.
    b) Twitter: normal comments, RT. Also went through list of new followers added, viewed their profiles.
  2. Tip 7: Commented on a number of blogs
  3. Tip 6: Set up my account with feedburner and added the links to my blog.

Thoughts out Loud

Today’s time was used for tweaking details and building my brand.

I updated my blog header. The old one was only about graphic design and I blog mainly about brands and how it’s reflected in designs across platforms and media for businesses. It’s a broad topic to some degree, so I needed to change the message.

I confirmed my Gravatar today on It was nice to see the picture pop up next to all the blog comments I made, being a wordpress user made it even easier. To any beginners out there, a gravatar is the small image that shows up next to your name and comments you post on blogs. This may seem like a small thing but it’s an essential peice if you want to build your personal brand online. I use the same picture from twitter, facebook, my site, and this blog. Nice and consistent.

Yesterday, I tried something different with Twitter. I used ‘s capability to post tweets later, I had lined up a whole list of great blogs about design, branding, and a couple about social media I’d found to post during the day. I really wanted to see what the result would be. Turns out I got retweeted about a few times, resulting in some more followers. Unlike the past week of mostly social media people, most were designers and creatives. I found taking the time to set this up was worth it. It took a good deal of pressure off to constantly be on Twitter. When I found 2 articles I really liked today I posted them, so all I was really doing was adding content to my stream of information going out.

Wondering where I got all the links and resources? I have an RSS reader installed on my computer. I’m not a fan of the email reader (I find it clutters up my inbox and I find I get distracted from work more easily) and google is just another web page to distract me. . So instead I have a separate application that I have all my subscriptions go to called NetNewsWire (on a mac). It’s like opening my own personal newspaper everyday with articles relevant to my interests and industry. I routinely add blogs to it, so my count of unread material is always going up. After using this for the last 6 months, I can now skim and find really great links at a glance for tweets.

Someone recently told me the button I had through WordPress didn’t work, so I signed up for a Feedburner account. I’ve read through the “Promoting your Feedburner feed on site” .  I added the links to my sidebar to offer both the RSS feed and the email subscription option. Problem solved.

Hey, I’ve come a long way in just over 2 weeks, the idea of doing anything involving working with codes had me in a cold sweat 🙂


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