Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 18. The grind

Day 18/30 of Experiment:  views 34
Main Referring Sites: 1 RBKartworks, 25 Stumble Upon, 1 Google Reader

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Posted Tweets for tomorrow
  2. Tip 3: published to DIGG and SocialMediaToday, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  3. Tip 11: Linked to 2 outside source articles within my blog

Thoughts out Loud

Today focused on getting my blog article posted in various places. Over the next couple days I should be able to track where some of the traffic is coming from.

It’s not a one size fits all, since my blog covers branding the topics can vary and aren’t all suitable to the same sites. I’ve needed to research each site to figure out which blogs I write would be suitable to post.

I’m finding that this process is still taking a great deal of time. There is no doubt that in time there is a major return ont he investment, but I’ll need to establish a checklist to make sure I’m being consistent as my list grows.

Today’s favorite finds.

Duct Tape marketing, The New Marketer’s Toolbox. I know a number of these, but I liked seeing how others are applying them as well.

20 Not-so-obvious Blogs for freelancers. A great list by the Freelance Folder.

Sweet Tweets: Design Resources of the week #15. A cool list of favorites by Brian Hoff


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