Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 17. Honeing the Second Half

Day 17/30 of Experiment:  views 17
Note: Long Weekend: 3 days counted as 1. 2 days will be added to the timeline.
Main Referring Sites: 4 Linked In, 1 RBKartworks, 2 Stumble Upon, 1 DIGG

Today’s Activities:

  1. Updated Twitter background. Being in design and branding this was a must.
  2. Wrote blog ” Putting the Horse Back in front of the Social Media Cart. “
  3. Tip 11: Link to articles on blog and in twitter.

Thoughts out Loud

For the second half of this experiment I will be working to refine a process for my social media efforts. I’ll be investigating tools to make my tracking simpler, services to assist with my publishing,  and establishing a calendar.

I will also expand and then refine a list of resources to help support my current accounts. The biggest deficit so far was a lack of portfolio images. Today I began refining a Flikr account to load new images and I also updated my current site.

I redid my Twitter background. Being in design and branding I really saw my old one as inconsistent. I used the same bar formula across the top that I use in both my site and this blog. Since the messaging is different there and I use it to both find and send out resources I decided a looser approach was needed. I have my necessary information now included and how to contact me to hire me, but I also decided to include part on my planning processes in the presentation. Anyone can look at the brainstorming mind -map and see the various interests I have and get a feel for how I work. I like both the feel of structure on the left combined with the loose creativity on the right.

On the list for tomorrow, guest blogging…


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