Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 16. Knight to E5.

Day 16/30 of Experiment:  views 27 (as of 9:00 pm.)
Main Referring Sites: 2 StumbleUpon, 2 ImJustCreative, 2 LinkedIn, 2 RBKartworks, 1 Facebook

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2, 7, 11: Stayed social on Twitter, surfed and researched blogs, forwarded links.

Thoughts out Loud

Alright, for any of you who got the reference,  I’m a little bit of a Harry Potter geek. I was trying to think how to summarize today’s strategy activities and the chess analogy just popped into mind.

Today I took time to sit back and think about the direction of this Blog. If I’m going to write a few times per week, I think it’s crucial that it’s something real, something I’m truly passionate about. The honest truth is, I am doing that now. I love social media, and I’m continuously reaching out for more information on how design is playing a role in it. I get a kick at how it’s transforming how people communicate, and I’m excited about the idea of people getting involved.

I own my own graphic design freelance business. I count myself a very fortunate person. I do what I truly love and enjoy everyday. I get to flex my creative muscles and help businesses really represent themselves in an authentic way. I get to work with a wide variety of people who do drastically different things in totally different industries, it’s challenging, stimulating, tough, and intriguing. My challenge now is, how do I do that for my business? How will it translate to this blog, my company site, and all the other platforms I’ve been using?

In this industry I can’t treat my communication vehicles like shoemaker’s children. A business needs to reflect in it’s brand it’s promise. I am organized, I provide creative solutions in practical ways. I don’t design for awards, I design strong  materials that provide solutions for business-to-business communication. My audience is mainly entrepreneurs and small businesses, my growing audience is in the medium sized business segment.

To reach them, I need to:

  1. Establish a weekly process that integrates this media into my marketing efforts.
  2. Write and publish business brand design articles (not experiment related).
  3. Host guest writers and be a guest writer to other blogs
  4. Begin building a strong blog pack and contribute.
  5. Redesign my Twitter background, it isn’t as consistent as the other platforms presentations.
  6. Begin to investigate rebuilding my business website using WordPress.

Organizing myself is my task this long weekend, then brainstorming strong content outlines. 14 days to go, it’ll go by fast.

My favorite finds today:

Socialnomics: Statistics Show Social Media is Bigger Than you Think.

2expertdesign: 20 Most Beautiful Corporate Website Designs Powered by WordPress

TripWire Magazine: 60+ Fresh Very Useful Articles for Designers


One response to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 16. Knight to E5.

  1. With pleasure read. Keep writing required. Andryukha, Khakassia.

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