Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 14. Sharing Social Media Links for Business.

Day 14/30 of Experiment:  views 39
Main Referring Sites: 16 Stumbleupon, 7 LinkedIn, 2 RBKartworks, 1 A blog I’d commented on, 1 WordPress, 1 Google

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 11: See below for a host of social media for business resource links I’ve been using in the last 2 weeks.

Thoughts out Loud

Last night I had a chance to speak with Brian Hoff, the author of How To Drive Traffic To Your New Design Blog, the base of my experiment. I was surprised at how open he was to chatting about his business, blog, and how he got started.We didn’t have an official interview, so I don’t feel right quoting him, it wouldn’t be fair or accurate. But what I will say is, I disconnected from that conversation feeling motivated and inspired.

There were two big takeaways I also left the conversation with.

  1. It takes real discipline to achieve what he and others like him have done. He works hard and there’s no question he’s dedicated to what he’s doing. (It was 5 minutes to 12:00 a.m. and he was sending out emails to Australia.)
  2. The second thing was, it’s all about giving. Brian Hoff, along with other designers like Jacob Cass, Calvin Lee, and Graham Smith have all made their reputation on being a helpful providers of tips, links, expertise, and even forums to showcase other designers’ work. In a competitive world it’s sometimes hard for people to wrap their heads around doing that sort of thing. But, it’s why I along with many others keep going back to all of their blogs to read what they have to contribute.

If you are reading this entry Brian. Thank you once again for connecting.

So, in the spirit of giving back and following one of the tips. I’m including below a few of the favorite links I’ve been using over the last 2 weeks. All geared toward learning about social media and its use in business, I’m sure some of you will find some real gems for your bookmark folders.

  1. Don’t know what the social media really is? Starting with the definition is always helpful. I especially like the explanations about Industrial Vs. Social communication ages. Wikipedia: Social Media
  2. A-Z of Social Media: A glossary of terms.
  3. Social Media for Business – Who’s doing it Well & How Charlene Li’s favorite video in this article is terrific! It’s a great example of how consumers have changed.
  4. The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook. If you are afraid of doing something wrong or “faux-pas”, this one is a must read.
  5. Chris Brogan: Etiquette in the Age of Social Media Another good one. Chris is a shoot from the hip kind of writer that tells it like it is. His entry is really good, but even better is the feedback and additional comment posts others write after.
  6. Web Savvy PR: Blogs as a Useful Business Tool
  7. SocialMediaToday: First Step in Building a Business Blog: Chose a Blog Platform. After 5 hours of digging, this one was the first article to clearly spell out the difference between the hosted sites and free software to do it yourself sites. ( vs. I really wish I’d read this article before I’d started this blog experiment.
  8. Remarkablogger: Create a Blog Pack to get Blog traffic and Increase Subscriptions I hadn’t heard of the concept formally though I had begun to do this with a few people. I liked this blog because it made the idea more concrete.
  9. SocialmediaToday: How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Drive Website Traffic
  10. TechRepublic: A Twitter Guide and Glossary for business Users
  11. Joe Whyte: Looking for a list of social media sites? I have them all here.

I hope you find a couple gems in here, enjoy and please post some of your own for others to view.


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