Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 13. Networking of both kinds.

Day 13/30 of Experiment:  views 125
Main Referring Sites: 45 Stumbleupon (posted through LinkedIn), 20 LinkedIn, 2 RBKartworks, 1 WordPress, 1 Twitter

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Face-to-face networking at my BNI Corporate Strategic Partners meeting.
    Answered questions and responded to comments on LinkedIn.

Thoughts out Loud

Every tuesday is dedicated to face-to-face networking with my corporate (B2B) BNI group. I have a network of 20 really strong referral partners I meet each week. Since finding them a year and a half ago they’ve accounted for more than 80% of my new business. This isn’t an estimate, I’ve tracked it carefully.

This group is where I’ve chosen to invest a great deal of my marketing resources. To not include them into this experiment would be missing a very big opportunity. They’ve spread the word, passed on links, and more importantly followed my blogs and participated by posting comments both here and on LinkedIn. For many members of my group (Baby Boomers) this has taken a good amount of effort and required them to learn how to interact with platforms they really don’t know well. I take nothing for granted and thank them every week, they really are awesome!

As for today’s results. Wow. With all my work I’ve only been able to contribute a basic amount for the last day and a half, and my numbers continued to go up. LinkedIn came in as the powerhouse generator once again. In fairness, I’ve put a great deal more time into it in the last couple of days. The return on the time though has been much stronger than I anticipated.

This week my goal is to investigate publishing sites and to post an article in addition to what I’m doing. The submissions continue to come in, I think by the end of the week I’ll have a good article with a really interesting assortment of Blogs people have done.

If I haven’t said so before, thank you for following my blog experiment.

I really welcome the feedback or questions you may have (not just the happy sunshine stuff either), feel free to throw something constructive out there. Is there something you’d like to know or see here about blogging and generating traffic for business?


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