Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 12. Holy Moly LinkedIn!

Day 12/30 of Experiment:  views 100
Main Referring Sites: 65 Stumbleupon (posted through LinkedIn), 3 Yahoo, 2 LinkedIn, 1 Feedly, 1 WordPress, 1 Google

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 1, 2: LinkedIn activities. Through groups I posted forum questions about Twitter, re-posted the submission call for the upcoming “Blog Designs By Bloggers” article, and finally sent out updates on the experiment to my word-of-mouth BNI networking groups.

Thoughts out Loud

Today’s views actually outnumbered my original “Blog Experiment Launch” numbers. I knew in time the numbers would steadily go up with consistent effort and work, but today took me by surprise. Here’s what I think contributed.

  1. People love questions that ask their opinion or provide a chance to share expertise. I had over 20 responses today across a number of forums, people shared all kinds of different ways to use Twitter for business, shared tips on keeping consistent in social media branding, and submitted unique blog designs for my upcoming article. All in 24 hours. It was an overwhelming response. A place to improve: I’d like to find a way to better encourage people to post comments on my blog, but honestly it’s so easy just to do respond on LinkedIn that would prove to be difficult.
  2. LinkedIn viewers seem to do lots of article reading on monday mornings. I thought I’d try posting early into Monday morning, I’d noticed a few regulars on those days and guessed that it may be a habit. I’ll have to try it again next week to see if the trend is acurate.
  3. I accidentally posted the wrong link. Normally this would be a very bad thing, but luckily I had linked to my Day 10 Blog Experiment synopsis that had all 14 tips included along with my progress so far. It was supposed to be about my Twitter findings on Day 11, but people must have been intrigued because they then linked to a number of blogs from there. The three links I posted in various LinkedIn groups were all the top views of the day, but quite a few went to the secondary pages including the Experiment Log.

It was a good day. Very motivating. On to day 13…

If you’d like to read a good article on how to use LinkedIn Groups more effectively check out:
Social Media Today’s “How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Drive Website Traffic


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