Blog Traffic Experient, Day 11. Showing Twitter Love

Day 11/30 of Experiment:  views 4
Main Referring Sites: None. But I did get a 6 twitter followers from the green segment…

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Twitter: posted Tweets, ReTweeted cool content, replied to people I follow, and followed select users.

Thoughts out Loud

Okay, it’s the end of my second weekend in this experiment and I’m realizing that posting on saturdays doesn’t do much good..Unless of course I’m linking it to groups for viewing on monday morning. Readership goes down and comments are low. I’m thinking, I’m really not in the mood to do work over the weekend, why should anyone else?!

Today I used the little time spent on this to do social stuff only. I mainly went on Twitter, I read posts from people I follow and retweeted them. Everyone loves that. I got retweeted today, hooray! It probably explains the rash of “green” followers I received this afternoon (it was a BPA water bottle article). That’s the great thing about Twitter, if you send something out on a topic you like, that’s often what comes circling back your way. I’m careful to only ReTweet content I really like in topics I want to follow. I use it mainly for business, it is social and it does connects me to others sure, but it’s a big resource of information so I’m very careful to only follow people who are “givers” and who tweet about topics I want to read about.

I also spent time replying to a couple people about comments and questions they’d posted. Nothing crucial and nothing to do with our professional lives, but showing love to people you follow is a great way to contribute. Everyone wants to feel like they are heard out there, giving them that connection is a small way to give. I know I notice posts by others who’ve replied in the past much quicker when browsing my home page.

Last but not least, when this is posted I’ll end my night by going through the long list of people who’ve followed me this week. Usually I do this every other night, but it’s been a busy week. Many, I noticed, are in social media so checking out what they contribute is time well spent. I may just find my next big resource.

What do you think of Twitter?


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