Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 10. Looking back at the last 10 days.

Day 10 of Experiment:  views 9
Main Referring Sites: None. But I did get a 9 twitter followers from the social media segment…

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 13, 14: Wrote tip article, published to Blog and sent out through and Twitter
  2. Tip 2: Connected 4 LinkedIn contacts, posted a recommendation on Facebook
  3. Tip 7: commented on blogs outside of my pack.

Thoughts out Loud

I am officially 1/3 through this experiment. It’s a humbling experience so far. Like any business it takes time to build a brand, generate interest and then traffic. The traffic is meager if you just look at the numbers, but it’s the ratios that are keeping me motivated. It’s validating seeing the time spent equaling greater and more consistent traffic.

Here’s the progress I’ve made so far on all of Brian Hoff’s tips:

  1. Get People Involved
    I’ve called for submissions for an article called “Great Blogs Designed by Bloggers Themselves”, due at the beginning of september (11th). I’ve received 6 submissions so far, I’m reposting the call for submissions tomorrow or monday morning.
  2. Become and Active Social Networker
    I’ve optimized my LinkedIn, created a facebook group for my company offering to answer design questions. Signed into and submitted links to DIGG and StumbleUpon. I’ve tweeted everyday resources found, fun silly stuff I enjoyed, and posted my progress for people to follow and share.
  3. Submit Articles
    I’ve submitted articles to bookmarking and rating , but I have yet to publish to a design or social media site. I started this process and found it difficult to wade through the whole list. This will need to be a priority next week.
  4. Giveaways and Competitions
    I haven’t done this tip yet, I have ideas written down and I plan to roll this out at the beginning of next week.
  5. Link Love
    I also rolled out the call for submissions that will be a link love article. See Tip 1 for details.
  6. Search Engine Optimization
    I’ve claimed my blog on technorati, and submitted some posts to DIGG and StumbleUpon for rating. I attempted to install plug ins, but it turned out I can’t do that with the service I have. I need to investigate this further.
  7. Comment on Other Blogs
    If I were to rate myself I’d say I’m a 4/5 out of 10 on this. I do read other blogs, I haven’t had the time to really put a strong effort. I’ve put a great deal of time into setting up accounts, learning to navigate and use the tools, as this decreases I suspect I’ll have more time to contribute to other blogs and comment more.
  8. Add a Link to All Your Marketing
    I’ve had my blog, twitter, and linked in accounts on my email signature for some time now, my site is on my card and it links directly to my blog. When I comment, I always add my blog URL as the website.
  9. Write Guest posts
    Not yet, have been added as a guest blogger to two sites. In the next two weeks I hope to have an article on both.
  10. Host Writers
    I’ve spoken with two current referral partners and asked them to write on my blog. They’ve both agreed. I have 5 others on my list.
  11. Link to other articles
    I’ve made a strong effort to link my blog to any references I’ve found that have helped me along. I created an “Experiment Log” page with an what I think is a list of essential links.
  12. Put a Face to Your Blog
    My picture was being used on 70% of my communication. I’ve now made it consistent on all my media.
  13. Write Interesting & Valuable Content
    I try 🙂 I’ve had good feedback on my tips pages, I’ll to continue offering them.
  14. Post Regularly
    I’m posting everyday if you count the daily updates. I want to improve on the articles and guest writing, I know it will help me gain visibility and generate traffic.

Single Biggest Dicovery: There have been quite a few, but I have to say LinkedIn was the big surprise for me. It is a terrific traffic and interest generator when you join and use groups for forum discussions and posting news.

Well that’s it. As of today, my blog stats ticker says 392 hits. Considering I started the experiment with 71 over a three month span, well I have to say I’m pretty happy. I’m tired, but I’m happy.

I’d like to hear from you. Is there something in particular you’d like to know or see over the next month in this experiment? Post it in a comment and share it.


2 responses to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 10. Looking back at the last 10 days.

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  2. Hi,
    I currently am not using Twitter. I just started using LinkedIn. This is very much an experiment on my part. I’m very interested in your findings and really appreciate all of your work. Thanks!!!
    Scott Heltcher – Martin & Wright Insurance

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