4 Tips to get yourself consistent in social media for business.

Anyone representing themselves or their business in social media needs to be consistent in their branding online. Yes, you as an individual, have a brand. How you represent your business self and brand requires no less thought than what you’ve considered for your other business communication. People viewing you on your blog, LinkedIn profile, or seeing your comments on other platforms need to quickly make the connection. The trick is creating a simple process to managing it all.

Here are 4 basic tips to help you manage your consistency.

  1. Keep your avatar or profile picture consistent. I use a picture of myself, I find it helps connect me on a more personal level to my contacts and audience. I do have a business logo, but when people see comments online they don’t want to see a logo, they want to see a face. If you chose to do this as well, ensure it’s a quality picture that represents you well, save it in a “Social Media” folder for easy access and uploading.
  2. Have a basic short bio written and saved in the “Social Media” folder on your computer. Your messaging and tone need to be consistent, so solidify a basic bio you feel represents you well and use it as the base for all your account bios relevant to business. Each community has a different audience and purpose, so you’ll want to adjust the message with these bones as a base.
  3. Use your name when commenting on posts. People want to see you not a faceless company making comments. If they like want you have to say they’ll check out the link you include.
  4. When a comment field asks for your address or a link, here’s the order or priority to consider:
    If you have a blog direct them to it. Even if you have a business, a person who likes your comment may want to see what else you’ve written about. Use your blog to direct them to your business site.
    If you own a business and don’t have a blog direct them to your website to generate traffic to it.
    If you are an employee of a company and are using social media to build your business credibility direct them to a profile page such as Linked In.

You may have some great ideas on how to keep consistent too, please feel free to add them below for others to see. It’s all about sharing.


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