Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 9. Voicing ideas create momentum.

Day 9 of Experiment:  views 24 (17 hours)
Main Referring Sites: 2 LinkedIn, 1 WeTested, 1 Facebook, 1 imjust, 1 cimsolutions

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: made LinkedIn connections and recommendations
  2. Tip 7: commented on some of my pack’s blogs

Thoughts out Loud

Today I taught a component of a course for social media and how it fit’s into referral marketing. So there’s a good chance I may have skewed the results a little today with all the activity generated there. But it does make a good point, the more you interact with people, throw ideas out there, generating discussion inevitably creates momentum. In my case, I gained a great deal of good exposure today while contributing and giving to all the attendees.

I’ve been spreading myself thin this week, so today’s post is going out 7 or so hourse early, but I’ll come back tomorrow refreshed and ready to publish. For those of you following each day, Thank you your continued support is helping keep me motivated and inspired.


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