Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 8. Generation Disconnect.

Day 8 of Experiment:  views 32
Main Referring Sites: 8 LinkedIn, 1 StumbleUpon, 1 RBKartworks site

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Met a Twitter contact and a LinkedIn connection, face-to-face today. Again, not sure if that’s what the Brian Hoff had in mind when he wrote that tip.

Thoughts out Loud

The last three days have been absorbed in preparing for a social media workshop I’ll be holding in connection with the Referral Institute tomorrow. I wish I had time to write the other articles I had on the back burner, but on the upside, I’m finding so many good resources. It’s impressive how much information a person can find if they know how to look. I’ve collected a seriously long list of social media for business tips, I can hardly absorb it all.

Today, I had booked two meetups with contacts. The first, Sharlena Wood, is actually a contact I found online. She’d posted an interesting submission to the Cards of Change website (a link I’d found through Twitter) and I loved her business concept “The Shared Palette” so much I had to contact her. I invited her to my corporate networking group to meet my contacts and that’s how we finally met. Since, I’ve done design work for her and today we met to strategize on how to best help each other and our businesses. Needless to say, Twitter and LinkedIn cross endorsements were right at the top of our lists. It’s amazing how quickly things change; a year ago that would have been a very different interview with very different strategies.

My second meeting was with Kim Horning of KH Video Solutions. Kim is a fellow BNI member from another chapter that a fellow member invited to meet me, our businesses are both in communications. The potential for referral business is very good. She however isn’t involved with social media, so the interview and strategy component was approached very differently. We approached it “the old style” way and each took the time to show our portfolios and talked about who we could contact for each other.

Sharlena is of the GenY generation, Kim in the BabyBoomers generation. I’m a GenXer, and I saw that I have a strong advantage. Going through this experiment, I’m really starting to see the gaps there are in reaching audiences with social media. It grew so fast and now the way the generations communicate is drastically different, the languages they use and their expectations also widely vary. But today I understood both audiences very well and adapted to both of their expectations beacuse I’ve had experience in both the old media style (industrial) and the new social media.

Have you experienced this generation disconnect in your work? How are you adapting for it?


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