Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 7. Off Beat Titles Work

Day 7 of Experiment:  hits 41
Main Referring Sites: 6 LinkedIn, 5 StumbleUpon, 3 WordPress, 1 Twitter

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2,7: Twitter, blogs, and browsing through networks and checking out what users are up to. I contributed to Stumble upon and followed a live stream by an artist David Hoang, even called him to chat during the show.

Thoughts out Loud

Today, what every business person fears about social media happened to me. I spent a day linking from one site to another, completely consumed with all the networks. I got hardly any work done. Granted, I’m really tired. Doing both this and work, I’ve been running on high gear for a little over a week. It’s starting to show. But 1 week down and 3 to go.

For anyone wondering, I’m not planning on dropping the activity when this is experiment is over. I figure at the end of it though, I’ll be able to assess what worked best, what didn’t, and from there figure out how to best use my time.

Now, in regards to today’s title. Yesterday’s blog got 11 views and I didn’t even post it in as many places as I usually do, maybe half. Not counting the Experiment launch, it’s the 3rd highest visited in not even a full day. I guess the Moby Dick and Nemo reference caught people’s attention. Although Brian doesn’t have it in his tips, it’s one I’ve seen repeatedly on other tip sheets: Have catchy off-beat titles to generate interest. I’d given it thought but hadn’t made a super big effort, after viewing today’s results I can’t deny that I really should.


One response to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 7. Off Beat Titles Work

  1. Hye Renee – I am trying to catch up on your experiment – great tips and very useful – blog looks really great.

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