Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 6. Turning Moby Dick into Nemo!

Day 6 of Experiment: 40 hits
Main Referring Site: 15 LinkedIn, 11 AlphaInventions, 1 StumbleUpon

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 2: Although I don’t think this is what Brian had in mind when advising to “Get Social”, I attended my Corporate BNI (Business Networking International) chapter meeting today.
  2. Tip 6: Did SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research. For you beginners, completing this tip will allow Google and other search engines to find my blog faster and more often. It’s essential to good traffic.

Thoughts out Loud

Face-to-face networking is a perfect compliment to online social media networking and it’s proving very important in this experiment.

I am a member of the BNI Corporate Strategic Partners (a B2B pilot program chapter of BNI) and meet with my 21 referral partners every week. Today, I thanked them for their ongoing support and requested they continue visiting and passing the link along to others.  This group’s been invaluable in building my business and they continue to support me by providing a very good sounding board for this experiment. Today on LinkedIn, the director for BNI Golden Horseshoe Christel Wintels sent a message to all members of the region asking them to check out the experiement and get engaged. In face-to-face networking, giving an endorsement means standing beside someone and taking a risk, I continue to be humbled by the support I’m getting.

Now, before today I was referring to the SEO tip as Moby Dick, but no more. After tonight, I think I’ve finally got it. I think I’ll rename it Nemo!

The part that kept confusing me was the plug-in installation. Normally this is rather simple. You have a software installed on your computer and so anything you install goes on your hard drive and modifies the software you have. Common sense right? But the fact that WordPress is a software/service online and not on my computer left me wondering, “How does installing something on my computer help me when I’m using a software online? How do they connect?”

The following was edited and corrected Aug 26th. I had misunderstood.
The answer turned out to be simple, the SEO plug-in wasn’t for…it was for  What’s the difference? Well, is a place where you download the free software and install it to your web host. I’m using, a hosted solution that isn’t as flexible. Unfortunately it’s taken me almost 5 hours to finally find that little tid bit online. It looks like I can’t install the plug in right now so I’ll have to begin searching else where for another solution.

I can hear Dory singing in my head. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” Conquering this was a big deal today. I wish I had time to find another solution tonight, but it’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

P.S. If any of you are going custom with, I found a great article called “6 Must Have WordPress Tools for SEO.”


2 responses to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 6. Turning Moby Dick into Nemo!

  1. I too, made the same mistake when I first started my blog on

    Good post, keep up the great work!

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