Did you design your blog yourself? SUBMIT IT for a Link Love article!

What have you done to make your blog unique and your own?

I’m taking submissions for my article “Great Blogs Designed by Bloggers Themselves.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a graffiti artist, business owner, or daycare provider, you have a voice and style of your own and people would like to see it.

I started a month long Blog Traffic Experiment a week ago, and one of the tips I’m following is writing a “Link Love” article. For you beginners, it’s an article showcasing a whole bunch of interesting links and trackbacks to other people’s sites helping everyone gain exposure. My biggest challenge was finding a topic.

After just a week into this experiment, I found myself already wanting to customize my own blog. So I started thinking. What have others done to their blogs? How did they do it? Everyone likes to show off the work they are proud of, so here’s your chance. Submit your blog design, tell us what you did and why.

To Submit Your Blog Design

  1. Send a window capture (72 dpi) of your blog page to: submissions “at” rbkartworks.com
  2. Name the file: yourname_yourblogname.jpeg
  3. Include a short description of what customizations you made and why. If you want to include links to resources you used I’d be happy to post that too.
  4. Don’t forget to include your name, company, and/or blog name in full along with the URL in the email.

Remember it’s all about sharing, so if there is another blog out there you like, feel free to forward this them too. The more the merrier!


6 responses to “Did you design your blog yourself? SUBMIT IT for a Link Love article!

  1. Thanks for this opportunity to share, Renée. I’m emailing mine to you.


    Blog: http://www.aldrichdesign.wordpress.com

  2. I have submitted mine. Thanks Renee

  3. Hi Renee – I’ve emailed my submission. Thanks for a great idea and chance to share.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity, Renee. I have submitted.

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