Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 4

Day 4: 3 hits
Main Referring Site: 3

Today’s Activities:

  1. Tip 11: researched netiquette at various sites, tweeted them for others to see.

Thoughts out Loud

Today life happened and I couldn’t dedicate the time I wanted to the Experiment, in fact I’d say that was true of the weekend. In an ideal world, I’d have lots of time to really follow through on my planned outline, but the truth is I’m a wife, a mom, a designer, a networker, and a business owner. Being an entrepreneur has it’s ups and downs. On one side I can be somewhat flexible with my schedule and make directional decisions for my company myself. One the downside, it’s hard to separate personal life and work, and one often affects the other.

This weekend my husband had made plans for both days and being absorbed in my work this week I had missed the announcements and didn’t plan for it. I didn’t post the request for submissions on all my networks. I had hoped to have them all out for tomorrow (Monday morning.)

On the up side. I’ve had a chance to really view what happens to the hits without daily maintenance. Even the steady traffic from LinkedIn has drastically dropped.

Tomorrow’s plan:

  1. Write out the call for submissions “Cool Blogs Designed by Bloggers Themselves”
  2. Distribute the call to my various networks : Facebook (friends), LinkedIn (networks and business contacts), Twitter (mainly designers and marketers), but all with a different targeted message and wording for the different audiences.
  3. Revisit my overall Blog messaging: It’s veered from the Graphic Design topics I once did exclusively to Branding in Social Media.

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