Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 3

Day 3: 15 hits
Main Referring Sites: 2 LinkedIn, 1 Twitter, 1 DIGG, 1 WordPress

Today’s Activities:

  1. Checked and returned messages, corrected wording on my last blog for clarity after someone clearly misunderstood my meaning.
  2. Working on Link Love Tip: will launch submission request for cool blog sites designed by the bloggers themselves.

Thoughts out Loud

Everyone needs some down time, and today was it for me. I checked my messages this morning, corrected my blog. Tomorrow I get ready to tackle the “Link Love” tip with a call for submissions. “Cool Blog Designs Built by the Blogger Themselves.” I think I’ll work on the name, but the idea is there.

I’ve noticed that I’m getting fewer Twitter followers than before. I had a look at my Tweets and realized they are mostly about the Experiment, a little self centered for social media, so tomorrow I’ll need to resume Tweeting some cool resources I find.

It’s also becoming apparent that LinkedIn is generating a steady flow of traffic in the background. I’ll need to factor this into my planning next week.


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