Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 2.

Day 2: 28 hits
Main Referring Sites: 5 LinkedIn, 2 Twitter, 2 Digg, 1 WordPress, 1 Technorati

Today’s Activities:

  1. Added a page to my blog – My Experiment Log – for viewers to see results easily
  2. Tip 10: Created a list of guest bloggers
  3. Tip 2, 7: Commented on 2 Blogs, Tweeted resources and links, signed up for Delicious
  4. Attempted Tip 3 and 6 unsuccessfully. See notes below
  5. Tip 11, 14: Wrote an blog: The Culture Clash of Social Media. Why some just don’t buy in.

Thoughts Out Loud

I started the day with a brainstorm. It occurred to me that going to everyday’s end post would be a bit of a hassle with the additional blogs in between. I decided to add a page to this site where everything can be easily referrenced. Anyone can click on a the day they missed and it will pop them over to that blog report.

I spent time going over my list of business contacts in the communications industry and realized I have a number of friends I can ask to be guests on my blog. I began contacting them.The main resistance seems to be that they don’t know the technology and are hesitant to “do it wrong.”

I thought I’d tackle publishing articles today. I went to the recommended article “40 Promotional Sites Where To Submit Your Design Related Links“, but after searching through 5 or 6 I got frustrated and discouraged. Which ones are good for what? Some you need to register, some have vague instructions, passwords that work for one don’t work for others. (I, like many, have a couple in my arsenal. Guessing what password I used on what site among so many will quickly get old.) My brain got tired, so I stopped, then I sent out a Tweet requesting suggestions. When in doubt, send out for reinforcements!

I’ve realized that if I’m going to invest the time to post blogs and articles to these sites, I need links at the bottom of my posts to enable viewers to ReTweet, Digg, and Bookmark my pages easily. That’s moved to the top of my list of things to do next week. I have a feeling something involving code is coming up, Lord help me!

Overall I spent 5-6 hours on my social media today.

If you have suggestions of good places to publish, or if you know how to add those navigation links to the bottom of each post please feel free to comment and attach them below for all to see.


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