Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 1: Getting Social!

Yesterday was the official launch of “My Blog Traffic Experiment.”
Previous Traffic: An average of 2 hits per day. (I know, ouch!)
Today, 1st 24 hrs. of Experiment: 77 hits

Today’s Goals:

  1. Outline a basic plan to implement the 14 tips over a month.
  2. Get signed into Social Networking sites and connect those that can be connected.
  3. Begin Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today I used one of my 3 set up days to begin these tasks. Yes, lofty goals for the only 5 hours I had available today, but I made a good deal of headway. More headway than I had anticipated actually.

Basic Plan (Tips 3, 7, 14)

I began with my schedule: Considering what’s manageble, I’ve decided that I will publish articles twice per week and an experiment summary and the end of each week. This should keep up a fairly steady flow of information going through my blog. In between postings, I’ll visit other sites and comment on their posts.

Social Networking (Tip 2)

I started with the 6 sites specifically mentioned in the TDC Tips Blog. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, DIGG, StumbleUpon, and Technorati. I know that traffic spikes drastically the day immediately after a post, the challenge is to set up accounts that will enable me to post easily and keep the visibility up.

Special Note: A second email address was needed

After posting my experiment last night my Blackberry started chiming… I realized very quickly that my client emails were getting lost in the crowd. I opened an account specifically for my social media networking and used it in all my profiles.

Twitter (generated 17 hits): I’ve been using Twitter for a couple months, and I’ve learned it’s all about who you add and what you “Tweet” that dictates what you get out of Twitter. It’s a good tool to stream relevant information directly to you whatever your interests may be. I used it to post my Blog Traffic Experiment last night. Bonus: My Blog is linked to Twitter, so from now on all my “Tweets” automatically post to my WordPress Blog.

Facebook (generated 4 hits): I always saw FB as a personal space with the potential for trouble if mixed with business, especially when it came to my brand. But the truth is, I realized that it was a missed opportunity. My good friends and family didn’t know what I did, and given the chance were more than happy to support me. The network is also HUGE, so the potential for growth is there. Today, I set up my group RBKartworks, I sent invitations to join and had 33 sign up in less than 24 hours.

LinkedIn (generated 1 hit, set up in late afternoon): I already had my profile on LinkedIn, so I spent part of today optimizing it. I added the WordPress application to connect my Blog properly to my profile and I changed a couple links to eliminate repetition. I then realized I’d overlooked another opportunity, I hadn’t sent news of my experiment to the groups I belong to. Using the search feature anyone can find groups and associations they would like to belong to. I belong to 5, so I spent just under an hour posting announcements and discussions about my Blog Experiment.

DIGG (generated 1 hit, set up in late afternoon): This is a site where users recommend good articles, photos, and videos they find online. The site ranks them and includes how many people “DIGG” the posts. A blogger can set up an account and then post their articles online for people to view. I set up my account and posted the launch of my experiment. Bonus: DIGG can publish directly to Facebook, so it saves me from doing it twice.

StumbleUpon: This is an interesting one, and I’m not sure if I really understand why I should be a part of it, except maybe to find really interesting and random online content. You sign up, download a toolbar that integrates into your browser, then hit the “Stumble Button.” The site chooses random sites based on your preferences and the more you use it the better it gets to know what you like. I liked the random stuff it showed me and it’ll be an interesting way to find sites to comment on, but the jury is still out on this one. Am I missing something?

Technorati: Okay, this one is very valuable. On this site you register your blog, by “Claiming” it here you establishes you as the owner and allows Technorati to help you get more visibility. It has all kinds of functions I haven’t even scratched the surface of, but in short it’s a powerful tool. I signed myself up today, “claimed” my blog, and began my profile.

Search Engine Optimization (Tip 6)

Many may think this an amateur problem, but I’ve been trying to get an RSS feed button on my blog sidebar for over a month. I just never made the time to sort through the technical stuff that intimidates me. Today, I did it. I searched and found a help page, I found out what my feed was, and I added the button to my sidebar.

Having done all of this, I must make a note about face-to-face networking groups. More than half of the traffic generated over the last 24 hours was largely due to my rather large network of business contacts. I’m part of a corporate BNI chapter called B2B Corporate Strategic Partners, and I attend a large number of events through them and local Boards of Trade. Nothing can completely replace that human factor, instead my goal is to enhance those relationships with this experiment and build my credibility with my peers.

What social networks and tools do you use and what’s worked best for you?


2 responses to “Blog Traffic Experiment, Day 1: Getting Social!

  1. Nice blog , don’t forget visit to my blog too

  2. There are many business people like myself who would love to make the best use of the social media sites out there but appreciate that you will report to all interested parties. I will follow your experiment with great interest!

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