Does your staff know your Brand? 5 questions to find out.

If your staff speak or interact with your clients in any way, they represent you, and they represent your Brand. The question is, do they know what that brand is?

Brand is so much more than logo, colours and fonts. It’s an overall message and promise, both visual and verbal, stated and implied. It covers a great deal, so ask yourself, can you and your staff answer the following questions?

  1. What is our company Vision? The direction your company is taking to serve a perceived need.
  2. What is our company Mission Statement? How you will meet that goal/vision.
  3. What are our guiding principles and beliefs? Guidelines to how you approach and implement the vision and your mission.
  4. What  makes our company different and better than a competitor? Your value, your differentiator.
  5. What is the company’s persona? Descriptive words like lively, active, healthy, efficient.

If you, the owner/manager didn’t know the above answers perhaps it’s time you spoke with someone about your basic marketing brand message. If you don’t know it, neither will your staff.

If your staff didn’t know it, brand designers can create a general overview Brand Brief for distribution. A document that outlines the above questions and answers, not for customers but for internal use. Many employers use these sorts of documents to also create internal communications to help employees remember the desired culture and to foster it.

With this knowledge a workforce can be unified in it’s goal, consistently approach tasks and demands using the same set of guideline principles, and in the end the customers get a stronger Brand experience inspiring loyalty.


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