Powerpoint isn’t an ugly word. Part 2

All right, you’ve got your message/concept worked out.
You’ve made sure it’s geared to your audience and their needs in a way that is authentic.
So what do you do with your images and content now?

Tip 5. Pay attention to design

People don’t like clutter and here are a few ways to keep it to a minimum.

a) limit your fonts :1 for body, and 1 for headlines if you want variety. Even this I don’t recommend. Instead use the bold and make the headline a second colour.

b) Have a colour palette: Choose 2 or 3 colours and keep them consistent. headlines the same, diagrams consistent, etc. Consider your industry, they tend to also have colour themes.

c) Images: try and keep these consistent by tying them together with lighting or content relevance. Tying in the above point on colour, try to have your images match the colour theme if possible.

d) Allow for white space: you don’t like to be squished into a crowded room and expected to interact with the other bodies, well neither does a layout. Each piece needs to breath, giving it some white space allows that.

e) Grids are good. Images placed in a consistent way, text (if any) is in a consistent place..the eye likes consistency it makes for a quick read. Have two grids that work (one for section covers and 1 for content), the odd change avoids monotony.


Most important of all you need to know your content inside out for a presentation to be quick and painless. You need to speak with a language that conveys your personality, and leaves them confident in your abilities. Don’t miss an opportunity because you were too embarrassed to practice in front of a mirror! So, practice, practice, practice.

If you like this topic, here are a couple books that may tickle your fancy. They are simple, straight forward and are geared to working professionals. Presentation Zen and Slide:ology.

Do you have any good Presentation resources? If so, please add a comment to share them.


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