so, you want a Promotions Kit.

The Promotions Kit. Most people see this piece of material simply as support for a companys sales  or business development person. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, however, when you consider it’s branding potential.

A well designed kit makes a statement about your company, conveys a tone, and leaves a lasting impression after you’ve left. It’s a great opportunity to think out of the box and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Here a few things to think about:

  1. For impact consider a custom die cut. Windows looking in, a rounded corner hugs your logo, a taller flap to accommodate your vertical card… It’s a fairly low cost upgrade and it can make the difference when standing among a sea of other standard folders.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of Stock. Not the corporate kind, the PAPER kind. Humans love texture and you can say a great deal about your company with this very subtle language. Fancy stock may intimidate small low budget clients, while digital runs on cheap paper fails to impress a high end niche distributor.  Think about your clients and invest in paper stock accordingly.
  3. Make it customizable with variety. Who says all your promotional material needs to be in brochure format? Cut sheets can provide case studies, company bios, cost of owership benefits, or account cost details. Promotional items can have tips and trick printed on them and given with the kit. A letter may have a  tear-away referral program coupon attached. These are all ways to stand out from the crowd, while ensuring that the kit is effective for your range of needs.
  4. Be paper conscious, and provide additional resources online. Let’s face it, they won’t read everything in your kit, so save the paper. Give them the essentials and then provide incentive to visit your site for the rest. Create white papers, support manuals, or product segment information online. People like to have things available on demand, so work at building that resource for them and promoting it in your kit. Your retention will be higher with this pro-active approach to your clients needs.

In the end, an effective kit is well thought out. Consider your audience, listen to want they want, and target THEIR  needs. Use your kit design to stand out from the crowd.


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