Moving Online. My Blog Experience.


Moving your business can be challenging in many ways. During physical moves many factors are at play: location, traffic, costs, timing and visibility all need to be considered. Moving online locations isn’t really any different.

Although I just moved my blog this week, it’s been in the planning stages for some time. I started with a list of “must haves” and “wants”. No provider offers them all, but having end goals helped keep me focused and filter  what was and wasn’t necessary. I researched host locations then compared their numerous features to drive and track traffic. Finally, I considered which provider could provide me the most visibility and customization to allow for my brand.

Once I had the provider and format decided, I began the branding component before publishing. I designed my header to be branded similar to the company site, while still distinct and separate as a stand alone. Since the blog would be an external link from my site, I then had to transfer my archives and ensure that all my previous content and links were consistent.

On Launch Day, I sent invitations to all my referral partners encouraging them to visit the site, while also posting a blog on my old location informing them of the imminent phase out. It will be gradual to ensure I retain my previous subscribers.

Social Media marketing is an ever changing technology and medium, moves are inevitable. Understanding the basics and doing research based around your company goals will help you navigate your way. In the end, the move is smoother and productive for your business.


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