8 Steps to Scale the Hump Project, Part 1 and 2

Hump Project

I have a folder labelled “self promo”, and it sits on my desk waiting for me to finally get to it. Many business owners like me have a project X folder sitting on their desk or in their to do file. Like a wednesday, this hump project can be difficult to get through.

Here are 8 steps to getting past the hump and on to productivity.

  1. Schedule a block of time each week. Marking it down in outlook or in your agenda will get you to commit to spending time on it. Start with one month and the rest will follow.
  2. Outline your goal, be specific! Do you want new clients in the industrial sector, strengthen support to distributors, or create continual contact with existing clients for brand reenforcement? Planning for a specific outcome will help you stay on target.
  3. Explore solutions to meet your goal.  Invite a second person to bounce ideas around with you, you need not do it alone. Keep an open mind, and most important HAVE FUN, exploring isn’t supposed to be tedious, it’s supposed to be exciting and invigorating. Blast your music, sit outside, or sit in your bathtub like Dali did if it works for you (this last on may be hard if you have a second person with you though.)
  4. Outline project components. Now that you have your idea, outline the components, what it would take to get it done, and then make a list of other people it would involve.
  5. Backwards timeline building: What’s your deadline? Chose one and work backwards. Knowing the components and the people, begin physically plotting out on paper the timeline working back. You will quickly realize if your deadline is realistic, adjust it if necessary. When finalized, book the time in your work calendar, allow for project management time and calls.
  6. Do it and make it FUN. I once had a coworker who blasted AC/DC Thunderstruck every monday morning at 7:50 am. We all knew it was his gearing up time before his 8:00 am shift. It was fun, and soon many of us showed up just a little earlier for our shifts so we’d hear it too. It was motivating. It can be hard to sit and do work you’d rather put off, but once you’ve established the routine and injected your own brand of fun on it, the headway you’ll make will continue to motivate you.
  7. Progress checks. Have one at the start of every month, see your progress so far, plan for what’s coming, and if you’ve veered off course this will allow you to assess what’s happened and motivate you to get going again.
  8. For roadblocks, call in your support. We all have our strengths, chances are you have someone in your team of staff, referral or business partners that have the skills you are looking for to solve a challenge in your project. Have breakfast, lunch, or just coffee together to discuss it. Tell them your goal, your challenge and let them decide how they can offer support.

The folder is on your desk for a reason. It won’t disappear until it’s done, so book the time and start scaling the hump. Good luck!

What do you do when you are stuck in a project rut?


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