Sustainability, not just a buzz word.

Sustainability Model

The shift began years ago. Some companies chose to look at the rampant consumerism and it’s impact on the environment and decided they’d had enough. The shift to sustainable design, products and culture began.

It’s been a slow process but has gathered a great deal of momentum in recent years. A sustainable product isn’t incredibly hard to picture, but many are confused as to how a company and brand can be. Here are some basic characteristics:

  • fairness (purchasing and staff treatment)
  • low ecological foot print (less energy, chemicals, and waste)
  • ethics (ex: advertising and marketing)
  • goodness/trustworthiness
  • sense of community

Essentially, a sustainable brand is a responsible brand. It’s a different way of thinking with the idea of giving at it’s core. Going are the days of pushing products. The approach is now, educate and they will make the right choice.

A recommended resource:


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