Consistency is Key


You are driving down the street and you see a billboard. At a glance you see a white background, 3 cute bunnies, and two lines in blue that read: Sharing with friends just became easier.

When explaining the essential need for consistency in a brand I use Telus as the example. With time and consistency Telus has trained our eye to recognize them. I don’t need to see their logo to know it’s them, instead I spend that blink of time reading about their newest feature. This is very powerful in a world where the life span of an advertisement is 3 seconds!

You don’t need to be a big company to benefit from branding, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Choose who you want to target yourself to, invest in developing your brand, and apply it consistently to reach that list. It isn’t an immediate sell, instead it builds a relationship with the audience and inspires their trust. In times like these, people take less risk and turn to ones they trust for their products and services.

Can your target audience identify you at a glance?


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