The Little Engine that Could

Little engine

It may surprise people to know that technology intimidates me. It seems like there’s new advancements every day, new software to learn, new things to learn… I know, I know, these are all part of my job. I am in the Communications Business after all. But I’m a business owner, I have clients needs to attend to, administration tasks to take care of.  Self marketing and consistent online communication takes time and effort.

I think I can. My personality drives me to try new things, explore new options even when they do scare me. So, I looked at the benefits of getting online and seeing the advantages made myself a plan. (Not an artsy approach I know.)

1. My Blog: A Simple Solution

I’m not a web developer, so I relied on the handy dandy software that came with my MAC, and got myself a Mobile Me account for easy publishing. (A LEARNING CURVE NOTE: Since I first posted this on .MAC in march, things have changed. It served me well for my site but I’ve since moved my blog here to WordPress. It’s free and the search engine hits are much better. )

2. Learning about RSS
Here’s where I hit a wall, the techno babble explanations that made my eyes glaze over. So, I searched on UTube and I found this great set of videos. God bless CommonCraft and their explanations for RSS and Blogging in plain english! (Link Below) After viewing these two simple videos I understood the next step. I know I can!

3. Download a RSS Reader and begin Communicating!
I found, it’s not enough to simply post blogs, you need to build a community. Finally something I understand. I need to build my credibility by posting comments on other blogs, built a contact base, and essentially build a Brand. This I get!

I did it! It took time and a good amount of research, but I learned the basics. I have a plan, I’ll invest the time to grow it. On to the next challenge… Bring it on!

Links that helped me:
Blogs Explained:
RSS Explained:


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