It’s all in the Promise

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A company promises it’s phone to be more interactive, provide more functionality, and make me look cool with my friends. It does it all without saying a word: the logo pops up, the music is hip, the presentation is simple while showing me how it’s all so easy to use. Do I even need to say the words Apple or IPhone? You’ve likely already thought it. THAT is branding at it’s best.

What is your primary promise to your clients? Since a Brand is really a an expectation in your clients’ mind, you need to make sure you are clear what that promise is. The more specific, the more effective it is. Start with these questions (be specific):
Who is your target audience?
What is your primary promise?
How do you deliver that promise?
What is your company’s personality?

The first three are all business target questions, the fourth will outline how you’ll approach delivering your message.

Remember, they aren’t buying your product, they are buying the promise your company and that product is making. After that, it’s all about making sure your product/service delivers, without that your Brand won’t be worth much.

Is there a Brand you are loyal to? How does it speak to you?


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