A Logo isn’t a Brand, unless it’s on a Cow.


This title is a great quote from the book The Logo Design Workbook. In my business, I often I run into people who believe that “The Logo is the Brand.” Unfortunately, it’s a false statement, and there are two things wrong with it.

Logos, colours, typography, written and visual language are the parts of an Identity. This is a system that is established using standards that dictate how a company uses those components.  How the audience views and interacts with this Identity system is what results in Brand.

The Brand isn’t a mark. It is not something I or anyone else can design. The Brand is the perception formed by the audience about the company.

When you see a Nike swoosh, you think fit-active-Just Do It. It’s so much more than just seeing the logo, this Brand impression is a culmination of repeated exposure, consistent messaging,  and a carefully maintained Identity application.

The true art of Identities and Branding, is that if it’s done right, no one knows how much work it really took.


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